Open Letter

 May 15, 2014

I realize that all Bucksmills Rod and Gun club members are not avid hunters or owners of firearms. Some of you may only be interested in fishing and that is okay too. But one thing that we can all agree on is our ability to be free to hunt and fish in the great State of Maine. 

We have been facing some challenges with the second amendment. I feel that we have finally become more unified as   a club in our understanding about our second amendment rights and how they are being threatened.  We also face another challenge with our hunting practices,  concerning Maine black bears.  I hope that you educate yourself on how the Humane Society of the United States is behind this movement, with their agenda to eventually remove our ability to hunt AND fish. 

Please follow us on facebook to learn more about the bear referendum and what you can do to help Save Maine Bear Hunting.  

We will have events throughout the rest of the year to help raise funds to support this campaign. Please attend monthly club meetings and  participate in club activities as best you can.

Our recent club event was the 3rd Annual Gun Show. I want to thank Isaac Dorr and his crew for the time and effort that made it such a huge success.  It has grown over the 3 years and it is all due to Isaac's leadership and vision.  

Also, I would like to repeat the offer for each life and paid club member the chance to have their business advertised on the club’s website as well as in each newsletter that is mailed.  If you would like to have this free advertising, please send an email to:
or write to me at
207 Fletchers Landing Rd.
Fletchers Landing TWP, ME 04605.

Member feature:  If you would like to submit an idea for the website and newsletter, please send along to any of the club officers.

One idea that I had was to feature a club member each month, based on a talent, event, in memory of, etc...If you have a club member that you would like to write about and have him or her featured in an article, please let us know.

Thank you,
Rhonda Loncto
Club President