Bucksmills Rod and Gun Club Coyote Contest Rules (Club Members Only)


There will be two separate contests for Members only.

One is for Trapping or Running with dogs.

The second one is for Night Hunting or Day Light Hours by Rifle, Hand Gun or Bow.

Season: January 1--December 31 Yearly

The prizes will be the same in each Contest.

1st Prize for Largest--$50.00
1st Prize for the most--$50.00
3rd Prize's will be drawn for all Coyotes entered two drawing $25.00 each.

Prize Money will be determined by Coyote Committee.

First one to Call--Don Lynch--home (469-6318) cell (631-4501) Orland, ME.

Second--Bill Stubbs--home (469-2490) cell (460-0040) Bucksport, ME.